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If you think building works are close to your property you should call Prompt to professionally record the full extent of the impact.

Dilapidation reports are completed by our Inspectors as a record of the condition of your property. The reports are conducted prior to major construction or excavation works which may take place near your property. The report can help you prove that there has been an impact on your property due to the works being carried out.

A Prompt inspector will assess your property and make note of any current damage as well as the overall condition of the building at the time of the inspection. You can refer to this report to see what damage or changes have occurred. Be assured your detailed report will include all the information you need such as, photographs, diagrams, and measurements. The inspector will also let you know which areas of your property are most likely to cause concern and require review.

Dilapidation reports also allow clients to ensure their property will be returned to the state it was in prior to the tenancy. Tenants can also use the dilapidation report to prove when aspects of the home have not been adequately maintained and to argue for compensation.

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